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Enjoy Sicily's authentic country life and the hospitality of the Sicilian mountain villages, where the beach of this island is never far away. Whether you have chosen for a holiday in Sicily or not, you should know that the largest island of Italy has a quarter of the Italian cultural heritage. Our J.W. Goethe, left in his travelogue the following statement: "Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the soul. Here is the key to everything..." We couldn't have put it better.

The country life, the sea, the Etna ... Sicily is worth

a long expedition
In Sicily you can enjoy a good, serious and fun-filled holiday. The sunny island has much to offer: art cities, beaches in several shapes and lengths, untouched nature, mountains, baroque architecture, agriculture, the only active volcano in Europe, an excellent cuisine and a world famous patisserie. Locals have a sincere southern Italian soul, so that all visitors are received with an exceptional hospitality. Especially in the back land, in the mountain villages, where tourists have taken a few you experience the real, authentic hospitality.

Sicily was in ancient times in the center of the world

The extraordinary varied landscape in Sicily reminiscent of paradise on earth. In the background look green hills and flowery meadows. Once you look to the other side, enjoy the view of the enchanting coast, long, golden, white or gray sandy beaches, rocky or pebbly beaches and bays. The Sicilian coast is a chapter for itself through the various properties. After Sicily was considered the center of the world in history, the island is home to many ruins from the Roman and Greek times, also it is rich in architecture from different periods. Added to the enthroned powerful and often snowy Mount Etna on the island. The sight of the temperamental volcano means for the island both protection and threat.

A holiday in an Agriturismo in Sicily

Holiday at an agriturismo in Sicily is a perfect setting for a family vacation for those seeking relaxation, looking for a stunning and varied scenery and if you late in the season, significantly extend the summertime. The season in Sicily lasts much longer because of the unique location far south. You can spend your holiday easily here in the spring or autumn, because the climate on the sunny island is almost always satisfactory mild. In summer it is very warm and most of the agriturismo's have the opportunity to provide you some refreshment in the pool. The sea breeze reaches every location because the sea is never very far away. Most of the farmhouses are equipped with air conditioning.

A farm-holiday in Sicily?

Agriturismo means not only staying in "farm houses", but rather to make a very special type of holiday, that has become very popular in recent years. In Sicily you have a wide selection of charming agriturismo's with agricultural production of delicious food and wine. If you wish to find harmony with nature and the real country life, then celebrating your holiday in an agriturismo is a sensible decision. The Sicilian Agriturismo's produce various products but mostly, citrus fruits, olive oil, grapes and wine, as on the island, you also find the agricultural production of beef, potatoes and hard wheat flour.

Between the mountains and the seashore with the sweet smell of citrus trees

We have a variety of Sicilian Agriturismi looking forward receiving you and your family. What you choose depends entirely on your needs and desires.

For further inspiration, we can offer, inter alia, these two farmhouses in Sicily:

Agriturismo San Noto
The family-run Agriturismo San Noto, where you both enjoy the view of the sea and the mountains, is an ideal choice if you also want to track the daily work on the cozy farm from up close. Together with your family you watch how they harvest the nuts, citrus fruits, and how olive oil is produced. The farm is surrounded by nature, something what your children will appreciate. Agriturismo San Noto has a small pool, and is located only a few kilometers to the nearest beaches.

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Azienda Agrituristica Bergi
Azienda Agrituristica Bergi belongs to a well-run farm and is located near the historic town of Castelbuono in the beautiful Madonie nature reserve. The agricultural production finds its way to the restaurant and used for the preparation of local dishes. The owner Mr. Pasquale with his wife and four daughters, produce high quality products that will delight your senses. They also do homemade jams, dried and pickled tomatoes and much more home made products related to the country life. Take a walk on the wild side here, along the orchards and olive groves, the large swimming pool offers great refreshment at the hottest moments of the day.

>>> Find more info about Azienda Agrituristica Bergi here

The employees of In-Italia look forward to your request and will assist you in your selection for an agriturismo in Sicily. Based on your (families) needs, preferences and desires, we will tailor a holiday in order to realize your dream.

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