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Manzil Alkamah is the original Arab part of this city (Alqamah means lush mud), which is set amongst hillsides covered with vineyards and olive trees. Sometimes one can glimpse the sea from the city. The area has been inhabited for thousands of years; here Elimi, Romans and Byzantines have all ruled. The Arabs founded the city in the 10th century, due to its strategic location between Trapani and Palermo.

Alcamo is home to the production of Velonomerede Alcamo DOC white wine, but the residents economy is also dependant on breeding of cattle and pigs and watermelons!

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The city's historic monuments originate mainly from the Baroque and Renaissance - most artworks are now on display in Chiesa Madre (i.e. cathedral) - but you can still admire castles from prior periods in the area. In town there is the Conti di Modica Castle while on the slopes of Bonifato hill, lie the ruins of a medieval castle that belonged Ventimiglia family.

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