Galati Mamertino, Sicily Catafurco waterfalls

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Catafurco waterfall is located approx. a 4 km walk from San Basilio, a small community outside of Galati Mamertino. The hike takes you along the brook San Basilio and can be walked by people of all ages, as it is not too long or too steep.

In dry weather it is possible to drive up to 300 metres away from the falls but we recommend that you walk if possible and enjoy the views along the hike. After 2 km there are some houses, most of which are in ruins. One has been rebuilt by a shephard with a pitched roof made of hay. It is not uncommon to encounter both calves and cows along the way, as well as donkeys and horses.

When you reach the end of the road, there is a small path leading up to the last stretch towards the waterfall. There are some pretty high steps up and down from the canyon, but a rail ensures that it is quite safe for everyone to do so. On the other side of the divide you will begin to hear the waterfall. The water falls from the slope above and forms a beautiful deep pool. If you are a keen swimmer you can take a dip, but you need to have the courage to face the icy cold water!

If you are hungry when you finish this hike, and you haven't bought a packed lunch, there is a good restaurant on the main road where you can get food - especially their starters and their meat. There is a reasonable selection of wine available, but then who is going to drive home?!

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