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A vacation in Punta Secca is a relaxing beach holiday with plenty of opportunity to discover the beautiful Baroque cities located in the hinterland. If you would like night life, the hotel Marina di Ragusa and its lively seafront promenade and shopping square just 5 minutes' drive from here.

Romantic fishing village

If you came to Punta Secca a few years ago, you would have found a lovely beach with a fishing village in disrepair and a few fishermen who gathered at the community's only coffee shop. Here you could lie on the beach in peace and quiet, with a drink that you bought with you but then you wouldn't be able to find somewhere to buy another.

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The world famous TV brand Commissioner Montalbano

The miracle that the residents of Punta Secca have experienced has come as a bolt from the sky: It was a pure love from both the Italian and international audience in a personality who first distinguished himself in the world of literature and later became a television brand : namely Commissioner Montalbano. The Italian television station (RAI) chose to screen a version of Andrea Camilleri's famous novels and they found a house that fit the idea perfectly to that of the authors. The scene is one where there is a beautiful beach, where there are only fishermen and where the busy Commissioner has the opportunity to swim in the bay, watching the horizon and then to return home and taste the dishes that his maid has left in his oven in the kitchen ... and enjoy an extra glass of wine or two.

TV series scenes

Rumours of the search for a location to film Montalbano spread quickly through social media. Although the house is beautiful and the owners have tried to run it as Holiday accommodation before, it hasn't in the past previously attracted a lot of tourists. However, there has been a revival since the rumours spread and now the town is a popular spot. Today you can choose between least two to three cafes, where you can enjoy a cola or beer, and there is even a good restaurant along the seafront, close to the famous Enzo a Mare, which also appears in TV series.

Family friendly beach

The beach is today as it has always been a fine sandy beach with child-friendly swimming conditions. The fishermen still sail from the small harbour with their small boats and come back laden with fresh fish that can be enjoyed in the area's restaurants. The number of homes that make up most of its buildings are owned mainly by permanent residents or serve as summer residences. The town is still in disrepair but the atmospheric lighthouse that lights up passing ships during the evening adds atmosphere throughout the night. Choose Punta Secca as your vacation destination when you want to relax with the locals and hire reasonable accommodation for reasonable price.

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