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The town of Sperlinga is a commune in the province of Enna, located almost in the centre of Sicily between the Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains.

Sitting on a mountain top with the fascinating 12th Century castle - Castello di Sperlinga with its many levels sprawling across the town, it is an interesting sight to be seen and to explore. This is a rare type of rock castle, which is partly carved into the rock and which has had many different functions throughout the years.

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Among other things, it was the seat of the Baron of Ventimiglia until 1597 and from 1658 until 1861 it was occupied by the Duke Onetos and then was eventually transferred to Sperlinga municipality in 1973.

Every year on the 16th August the town holds a festival called "La Sagra del Tortone" in the narrow old streets. They enjoy a special cake tortone which is produced using a recipe from the Middle Ages of flour, olive oil and sugar. In the days leading up to the festival, the town's people amuse themselves by dressing up in medieval costumes and partaking in different activities and competitions until the actual day arrives when the big party starts!

All are welcome to participate in this festival, and it can be a wonderful authentic experience whilst visiting Sicily.

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