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Most popular areas in South Tyrol

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South Tyrol with 2 provinces

The South Tyrol region is divided into 2 provinces, Trentino and Alto Adige. The region has extensive autonomy, which sets it apart from the rest of the Italian regions. Alto Adige was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before it became a part of Italy following the First World War.

Go skiing, hiking and biking amidst beautiful scenery in South Tyrol

Because of its high location, South Tyrol offers many ski areas and wonderful scenery and outdoor activities. When the snow melts, you can hike, bike, kayay, boat and enjoy climbing and more. There are many palaces and both the beautiful cathedrals in Trento and Bolanza in Roman and Gothic style respectively are worth a visit. The region's cuisine is mainly Prussian inspired. The region's cuisine is mainly Prussian inspired.

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Visit the capital of Trento

Trento is the capital of South Tyrol and is located in the southern part of the region. The town is incredibly charming with its open squares and beautiful buildings. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping and to visit the many restaurants. The city is a great base for visiting the beautiful mountains or to take a trip to Lake Garda, located just 50 kilometres away.

... or visit the German speaking Bolzano

Another important and interesting city in the region is Bolzano. Bolzano is located in the region surrounded by beautiful mountains. The city has a large German-speaking population and came under Austrian regime until World War II. The city is divided into two; East of the River Talvera which is the oldest part, where you can see an old Franciscan Monastery and visit the museum where Ötzi (mummy of a man more than 3,300 years old, found in 1991 in Ôtztalgletcheren) is kept. The second part of the town lies west of the river and is the "newest" neighbourhood. This was built immediately after the city was taken over by Italy, and is rich in architecture from the fascist period.

The region also offers a large number of well-known ski towns such as Canazei and Madonan di Campiglio.

All the cities located in this region have a German-speaking population and are Prussian inspired. This is because the entire region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until immediately after the first World War II.

Sun and sea

The only options for bathing in the region of South Tyrol in in one of the most beautiful lakes such as Lake Garda.

Here you can swim from artificial sand beaches. You should be prepared that even if the temperature is high, the water in the lake is still cold as it comes from the many mountains with glaciers that characterize the region.


South Tyrol is a region with stunning scenery and a wide range of opportunities for activities which involve being at one with nature. The region offers mountains, forests, lakes and beaches (the lakes).

You can take endless walks across the plentiful mountain sides to the north or visit the beautiful lakes such as Lake Garda or Molveno Lake - the largest natural alpine lake located over 800 meters in Italy.

Natural Park Adamello Brenta is the largest park in the Trento area. You will find no less than 51 lakes that virtually are all original glacier lakes. The park also has a rich fauna and probably rarest animals. If you are lucky, here you can see the brown bear.

Food and wine

From a gastronomic point of view, the region is divided into a northern and a more southerly part. While in the northern part of the region is inspired by the Prussian kitchen with steaming hot soups such as the famous canerdeli - also called dumplings (a kind of bread bun, eaten in soups), heavy meat dishes and especially apple desserts. The area around Trento is, however, inspired by the Venetian kitchen with gnocchi dishes, the famous polenta and salt meat with beans.

Seafood: Is not the greatest food in the region. However, trout is popular as it is fished from the mountain lakes.

Meat, game and poultry: In the northern part of the region thick soups with meat such as goulash soup are popular.

Sausages and ham: Smoked bacon is a common food in the region. The meat is dried in the fresh mountain air with a herbal mixture of, among other things ginger. It is eaten usually in pieces with bread.

Cheese: On tour in the mountains you will never see a farmer leave home without a piece of the South Tyrolean cheese formaggio "grigio". This cheese is much more aromatic from the commonly known cheeses, although not as attractive to look at, because by the name grigio means grey.

Sweets: apple strudel is especially popular in the northern part of the region surrounding mountains.

Wines and Wineries: Merlot, Riesling, Pinot nero and bianco are just some of the famous wines that this area offers.

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