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Lago di Tenno is a small mountain lake that has arisen by a landslide from Monte Misone a clean gletcherwall. You will find it a little northwest of Lake Garda and you can actually see it, if you visit the ancient mountain villages Frapporta or Canale . From up here you can enjoy stunning views of both lakes, forest and green landscapes. Lago di Tenno is situated at 550 meters above sea level and has an surface area of 2.5 km². The quiet landscape can provide a framework for canoeing, swimming or hiking around the lake, which takes about 1 hour. And the children can easily join in.

The deep mountain lake

The lake's depth varies greatly from place to place and goes down to 160 meters, but do not hold back, there is usually a lifeguard to supervise. The lake also contains two small islands. The largest of them has an area of 3000 m² and is protected in the sense that the fauna and flora freely allows to evolve without any human intervention. The other island is located below the water surface and appears only when the water level is low enough. The island is called Isola dell'86 as it was in the year 1986 that it appeared for the first time.

Close to Lake Garda

Nearby you will find the village of Tenno with its old medieval castle Castello di Tenno , where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. Just below of the castle, you'll find Frapporta and Canale two mountain villages from the year 1200 with narrow streets and stone houses, held up by stone arches. Here are several small restaurants and a few shops. It is not far to Lake Garda, the nearest town is the slightly larger town of Riva del Garda.

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