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Looking for stunning and authentic surroundings? White sandy beaches and crystal blue sea, water with a gentle temperature? A cosmopolitan city, historical heritage that still gets its inspiring track? Happy welcoming people and lively conversations all around you? True Italian cuisine with exceptional good taste, fresh ingredients and a spicy twist? So is the south might be something for you, whether you want an island holiday, beach holidays, family holidays, exploring Italy's history, take a romantic break from everyday life with your partner or experience an exciting city. All is present.

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The southern regions of Italy are also called collectively the Mezzogiorno, which means "middle of the day." And no wonder, here the sun is warmer, the light more intense and colours more brilliant. Southern Italy has attentive and generous people, and well facilitated with mountainous scenery and a fascinating architecture. So you can wonder why many travellers leaving a part of their heart in the Mezzogiorno.

Southern Italy invites to both beach holidays, relaxation, enjoyment and sightseeing

With In-Italia you can for example book your Italian dream vacation in combination with relaxing beach life and exciting historical experiences in the beautiful southern Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. You can also stay, overlooking the dramatic mountains and inviting sea, on the Amalfi Coast, or take a city break in the busy and arch-Italian city of Napoli. Or rather explore a different Italy in exotic Apulia far south?

Here is a list of our Holiday locations in southern Italy , with descriptions and tips on what you can do on your vacation:

This coast, close by the pleasant city of Sorrento, described by many as one of Europe's most beautiful. We totally agree with In-Italia. Steep, dramatic cliffs broken by lush forests and Mount Vesuvius watching over it all in the background. Here you can have a beach holiday with the whole family or a romantic holiday with your partner and have real time for each other. Visit for example the interesting ruined city of Pompeii when you are on holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

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Welcome to a very different Italy. Here you are, far to the south, in the heel of the Italian boot. Apulia has a unique, baroque architecture, which especially can be seen in Lecce - "southern Florence" - and a singularly rich history. Many of the greatest civilisations throughout time have left their imprint on this region. The Arabs, Byzantines, Greeks, Romans and Frenchmen have all helped to shape the Apulia.

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You will get to taste Italian food in a new way here, where the raw materials often come directly from the neighboring farm. Puglia accounts for a large part of Italy's production of agricultural products, and you can look forward tasting olives, artichokes, tomatoes, beans, lamb and beef so fresh and tasty that your teeth will start watering memorizing it. Here you can go on beach holiday with your partner or the whole family, with a focus on peace, authenticity and enjoyment.

Here life is lived, in a unique pace in the streets and cafes, and one historical attraction replaces the other. You can taste the best Italian coffee and you expect many gastronomic delights when you go out to eat in Naples. The city is perfect for a city break or long weekend. You can also easily visit Naples on a day trip when you are on vacation somewhere else on the Amalfi Coast.

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Here you can swim at some of Southern Europe's most seductive sandy beaches where the fine white sand broken by small rocks and ends in the clearest water you can imagine. Taste the excellent local food in cozy restaurants with sea views, and enjoy a cold drink on the beach while the pleasant, warm evening temperature falls. You can also benefit from a ride in the unspoilt rocky landscape on the inner part of the island, where the ruins of the towers from the bronze age is reminiscent of Sardinia's ancient civilization.

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Do you immediately think on the Mafia? It is not without reason, but it does not make beautiful Sicily a less good place for holiday. In Sicily's historic surroundings it is obvious to combine beach holiday at the island's many charming beaches with an adventure holiday where you for example visit the Greek temples, palaces from the Baroque and Mount Etna. Sicily has because of its location a great temperature almost all year. Here you can often swim well into November, and experience the coming of spring in February. If you wish an early spring next year.. a holiday in Sicily?

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