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Do your holiday photos sometimes not turn out quite like you hoped? Sometimes a photo doesn't do any justice to the real thing and you can't always understand why. Often just a little tweak can make it into a better photo.

At in-Italia, we love taking pictures of Italy when we are on our trips. Here we have compiled five good tips for you to help improve your images, whether you use a professional SLR camera or a smartphone.

Here are our 5 top tips for taking a better photo:

1) Sun behind you

Always keep the sun behind you when you take the photo. This will put the best light on the subject in the photo and the image will appear more pronounced. Taking an image through the treetops or similar can also give a special effect. For portraits though, it may be advantageous to the subject to have their backs to the sun, so that they are not squinting.

2) Get on your knees

When photographing people, then go down on one knee as this seems to give the image more balance and a more natural proportion.

3) Front and background

When photographing landscapes and panoramas, take a front or middle ground into the picture to create space and depth. It may be flora or maybe a person or object etc.

4) Straight horizon

Make sure the horizon is straight when taking a picture.

5) Shoot first or last thing

The benefits of shooting early or late in the day (also called the golden hour around sunrise or sunset) is that the light and the atmosphere can be quite unique - in addition there will often be fewer tourists at these times. Download any. Golden Hour app for your iPhone that tells you when your destination is the golden hour.

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