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Everybody everywhere has heard of Venice. Some probably also know of Murano, the island 5 minutes by boat from Venice and famous for its glass production, but how many have heard of Burano? Luckily enough, very few! Burano is about 40 minutes away from Venice by boat. This means that only a very few tourists arrive here. It is very similar to Venice in as far as the town is built on piles with a grid system of canals.

But where Venice is characterized by its dilapidated grey facades, in Burano the houses are painted every year in very strong colours. It is fascinating to go for a walk on the island to look at the many colour combinations and the way they change from house to house and from walls to shutters. Traditionally, the islanders were fishermen and although many now work on the mainland as well, fishing is still one of the main industries. For centuries the women have specialized in making exceptionally fine lace, which is sold in many of the small shops.

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There is only one small hotel on the whole of the island, so when evening falls and the odd tourists who did find their way out here return to Venice, you experience the island community in all its unspoiled charm. People meet and gossip in the street, sit and play cards or have an aperitif in one of the many bars while the children play in the streets and squares.

Whereas Venice often feels de-populated and lifeless in the evening, life on Burano goes on as it has always done. Restaurants are plentiful and good, but it would not be right to focus on meat dishes in a fishing community, especially when seafood is available straight from the fishing boat.

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