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Say 'Chioggia' and most people think of Venice as it once was - before all the tourists arrived. Although it doesn't quite have the grandeur that Venice has, it is unmistakably appealing on a smaller scale with its charming houses and canals

The town is about. 60 km south of the city of Venice, and the trip takes about one hour by car, or approx. 1 ½ hour if you are sailing. During the summer season boats service Choiggia from Venice several times a day, and even during the winter the two cities are connected by a waterway.

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Chioggia is split into two parts. The new and modern part is located next to the sea, which is famous for its long sandy beach Sottomarina . However, it is absolutely the old town which is the most exciting. Chioggia is located in the same lagoon as Venice, but has a different passage to the sea. This means that the main industry is still fishing, which is conducted partly with modern fishing boats, but especially with small colourful boats that make the city's canals a subject for a unique painting.

Urban Life The atmosphere is quite authentic, because there is not much that is designed to attract tourists. The local residents live their daily lives, fishermen catch their fish, and when they have free time, they meet at one of the many outdoor cafes or restaurants which partly characterizes the main street, and the exciting canal sides where time has stood still for centuries. Market If you are in town on Thursdays, you can throughout the year discover the region's largest market from 8am to 1pm, where the main street is transformed into a pedestrian area. Please be aware that you can not drive into the city by car until after 2pm on this day. Transport Of course, the easiest way to get to Chioggia is by car. However there are other options, for example, you can take the shuttle bus from Venice airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice and then take a local bus (destination: Chioggia - Sottomarina). This bus departs every half hour.

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