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Cortina is beautifully situated in the Ampezzo valley amidst a breathtaking landscape and is one of the largest townsin the Dolomites with over 8000 residents. It is lively during both the day and the night with many visitors and locals.

Popular pedestrian area with many dining options

Its main street Corso Italia serves as a hub as it is pedestrianized and there are many side streets containing pizzerias, cafes, bars, wine bars etc. Try the Bottega di Vino Villa Sandi in Largo Poste 1. There is also a nightclub and lots of businesses. At the last count, the city has 300 shops, 50 restaurants / pizzerias and in addition 20 restaurants beautifully situated in the mountain surroundings of Cortina. This area is where you will find the largest supermarket and a large department store calle La Cooperativd di Cortina.

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Here you have it all!

This is a real 'have you cake and eat it' place for a holiday, because you can enjoy hiking in the Italy's most beautiful mountains and also be in a town with lots of shops, and life. When you come from the north, many of the towns are German speaking with a rich Austrian influence on culture, but Cortina is the first Italian speaking town that you encounter when coming south.

Trekking and hiking trails Cortina and the surrounding area has more than 400 kilometres of hiking trails, ranging from strolling trails for beginners to breakneck trails in high altitudes for the professionals - but in between you will find a wealth of accessible and panoramic trails for people of all ages. In addition to the many hiking trails of varying difficulty there is also a total of 13 lifts and cable cars in the area. They lead up to the most amazing panoramic views that can take your breath away. Here you can choose many places to enjoy a drink or lunch in one of the many rifugi up in the mountains.

Hosts for the Winter Olympics of 1956 The city is heavily influenced by Italian culture and belongs to the Veneto region and hence is not a typical South Tyrol town. The city played host to the Olympic Winter Games in 1956 and has a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities that go far beyond skiing, for example, tennis and swimming. The city has even just been given a new 18-hole golf course, located just outside the Cortina.

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