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The name Longare comes from the local expression ’longaria’, which is used to describe a long narrow isthmus. This small village started life in the Middle Ages as a port on the River Bacchiglione. The river was an important trading artery so the control of this port was often a bone of contention between Padova and Vicenza. In times of war between these two towns, the people of Vicenza even drained the river water so that the Padovians couldn’t use the river to transport goods.   Longare is perfectly located for outings to these two beautiful and interesting towns: Vicenza is just 10 km away and Padova is 30. In both Padova and Vicenza there are enough places of interest to fill several days with sightseeing. Make sure you do not miss Giotto’s early-14th century frescos when you are in Padova. In Cappella degli Scrovegni, you can find an impressive selection of his scenes from Jesus’ life on all the walls from floor to ceiling. In Padova there are also many beautiful medieval buildings, and around Palazzo della Ragione there is a daily market where you can buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, clothes, shoes and much more. In the centre of town is Caffé Pedrocchi, which was the most famous meeting place for 19th century conspirators working for Italian unification and Venetian independence from Austria. The enormous pilgrim church is dedicated to the town’s most famous saint, Saint Antonius of Padova (the one with the pig), and is always abuzz with sermons and confessions. Hundreds of pilgrims visit the church daily.  In Vicenza you can enjoy the town’s peaceful streets and beautiful buildings, or just savour a glass of Soave from the hilltops around the town and be glad that so few tourists manage to make it here because they are so busy rushing between Verona and Venice.

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