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Are you looking for a central, charming and comfortable place in Venice? We suggest to take advantage of our expertise both before and during the journey.

Venice attracts its visitors again and again

When Lone Kellermann sings "See Venice and die" she is referring to the city that is so magnificent, unique and wonderful, that once you have visited it, you can never experience anything so perfectly again. For thousands of years Venice had an enchanting effect on travelers from around the world. It still continues to this day, although the number of tourists is twice as large as the population of the individuals in periods. But the city has preserved its charm and its beauty outshines any feeling of expectation. The fact that so many people choose to visit Venice reflects something about the enchanting effect of the city.

City Mood in Venice: Contemporary and lively wine bars
Something that also is important to remember when visiting Venice, is that you are only a side street and a bridge away from the quieter and more pristine sites. It"s like stepping into another world, hardly any tourists and no bustle. Explore the "secret" side of Venice on your city break and discover a city that is not only filled with classic art treasures, but also houses a vibrant contemporary art scene. It can be seen of course in conjunction with Art Biennial every other year (in 2015 it took place on 22 November), where Venice is transformed into one huge outdoor exhibition of exciting contemporary art. But in addition to this biennale of contemporary art is surprisingly well represented in Venice with many small, interesting galleries.
And if you are not interested in art, there are still good reasons to explore the side streets - before you know it you"ll be on a little known "campo" (square) and enjoying a refreshment on a lively, local wine bar.

Venice mysterious past
Venice"s distant past is as obscure as the mists that often gives a mysterious veil over the city, especially in the winter. No one knows exactly when Venice was founded and who the first inhabitants were. Some suggest that there were refugees from the neighboring Roman cities who sought shelter in the 118 islands that now make up Venice. They fled from Germans and Huns who could invade relatively freely, as this part of the Roman Empire was not particularly well defended. There are not many written testimonies of these people, but there are some sources refer to them as "lagoon-residents".
It is envisaged that usually the city"s official founding of the dedication of its oldest church, San Giacomo di Rialto details, which was inaugurated in AD 425 and still exists today.

Autumn or winter to Venice
Venice is magical and alluring throughout the year. The number of visitors are highest in summer and drops slightly in spring and autumn. Spring and fall provide more comfortable temperatures than in summer. Autumn has a special charm in Venice. Going to Venice during next year"s autumn holiday, with some luck it will still be warm enough that you can sit outdoors on the restaurant"s terrace and enjoy dinner al fresco.
An overlooked and stunning season in Venice is certainly winter. The weather is cool and you have enough tp pack an extra scarf, but in return you can get a relatively cheap hotel and experience how Venetians take back their city. The fog settles regularly over Venice in the winter months, but this adds only a mysterious mood that makes the experience even more unique.

Sights for your vacation in Venice

Venice is bursting with interesting sights, and the whole town is in itself the biggest tourist attraction of them all. It is not without reason that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Experience Orsonis gorgeous mosaics
It is difficult to prioritize between the many things you can experience in Venice. But we will inter alia recommend a visit to Venice last known glassworks, Orsoni Mosaici details, where extravagant mosaics and gold leaf has been produced since 1888. These products are of exquisite quality, which is confirmed as being used in some of the most beautiful and important churches, including St. Paul"s Cathedral in London and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. You can call ahead if you want a guided tour. One of the most fascinating aspects at Orsonis is the final visit to the "color library" where rows of colored glass plates in every imaginable shade are lined up like books on shelves.
Orsoni is just off the Jewish ghetto, also worth a visit.

Enjoy the sight of the majestic Santa Maria della Salute
The powerful church that dominates the Canal Grande (Venice"s main channel) is a local favorite with Venetians. They refer to it affectionately as " la Salute details". It was built in 1681 to mark La Serenissima, nicknamed Venice; it means "the most peaceful" and survived the horrendous pest epedemi that ravaged Italy in the 1600s. This majestic memorial of Venice"s resilience is an impressive sight from both the outside and inside. Admire the dome that towers over the Grand Canal as you glide quietly past in a gondola and explore the many significant works of art that are hiding in the church room.

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore - The island of Venice"s with most amazing views
Venice consists, as previously mentioned, out of 118 different islets connected by bridges and channels. The island boasts Venice"s most beautiful panoramic vistas, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore. From here you can gaze through the irresistible Grand Canal, and you can see the Doges Palace, St. Mark"s Church next door.

San Giorgio Maggiore is also an exciting church and cannot be missed. Take the elevator up to the church bell tower for 5 Euro, and absorb the sight of the mighty Venice at your feet.

Long weekend in Venice

If you do not have a whole week available to explore the canal town? No problem - a long weekend in Venice with In Itaila provides a lovely break in everyday life. Let romance bloom with a long weekend in Venice with your partner, or take the whole family along and enjoy some wonderful days together.

You can spend a long weekend to visit a couple of Venice's numerous sights, sample the delicious local food and wine, and embarks on some walks along the streets while soaking up the atmosphere and beauty. Also remember to take a gondola ride, freely a visit to Venice is not complete without this. To glide off in one of those iconic boats is really a wonderful way to experience the city.

Venice wondrous kitchen waiting for you

All regions and cities in Italy have their own versions of the world-famous Italian dishes, and Venice is not an exception. It has unfortunately been a tendency that the food has been a bit too touristy, with a focus on quantity rather than quality and authenticity. But this has changed in the past, and the Venetians do today more out of using local produce and prepare food of higher quality. You can find a good meal for around 15 euros, and especially at lunch time, it is possible to eat well and inexpensive.

As previously stated, it is still surprising how many corners in Venice almost seem untouched by tourism. One of these corners can be found at the end of Via Garibaldi, where one of the last boats selling fruit and vegetables in Venice. Directly in front of the boat is Trattoria Alla Rampa, and this family-run trattorias are one of the best places to eat for those who want to experience unadulterated Venetian ambiance and gastronomy at budget friendly prices.

In the evening you should try cicheto Venetian tapas, with a good glass of wine at one of Venice's countless charming and bustling bars.

Take a memorable city break or long entirely in Venice with In-Italy.

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