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Getting from Marco Polo airport to the centre

When you land at the Marco Polo airport, you have three options to get to the centre. Option 1 - You can of course take a taxi, which would bring you to Piazzale Roma where all traffic stops and from where you can proceed on a water bus (known as vaporetti). The ride in the taxi should cost € 40. Option 2 - You can also choose to take a private motorboat, which can take you closer to your resort, but it also costs significantly more, you should expect a price around the €100 mark. Option 3 - A third option is to take the boat from the company Alilaguna ( ) from the airport to various locations in the centre. The price is €15.00. Option 4 - Finally, you can take the bus to Piazzale Roma. The line is no. 5-Aerobus, and the trip costs €6.00.

How to get around the city

Walking is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get around the historic centre! Water taxi's are very expensive, but the water buses are a cheaper alternative, at around €7.00 euros for a ticket for a 60 minute trip.

If you are in town for several days and intend to use the boat at least a few times a day, it can pay to buy a multi-day card: two days will cost €30.00, three days for €40,00 and 7 days for €60,00. This way you can hop on and off them as often as you like. They will also take you to the Lido, Murano, Burano and Torcello:

And what about the gondolas? Well these are a bit of a luxury for rich tourists only these days since the prices are sky high! A 30 minute trip will cost you around €80 in the daytime for up to 6 people.

There is one place where you can get a cheap gondola ride still, for just €2.00 per person you can cross from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. It is a commitment that all Gondolerere have to take it in turns to offer this short trip for groups.

What to do with your car?

If you come to Venice by car, you have a number of options.

Option 1 - You can either drive until Piazzale Roma, where you will find a parking garage for €30.00:

Option 2 - You can also choose the huge parking garage on the artificial island called Tronchetto which is situated beside train terminal just before town which costs €21.00 per day

Option 3 - The cheapest option is to leave your car on the mainland and then take a bus into the centre. You can park in the garage in Mestre for €15.00 euros a day:

Option 4 - There is also parking at Garage Touring just before the train station in Mestre, so you can arrive in the centre of Venice by train in just a few minutes. Here the prices vary depending on how many days you want but we can say that it is €12 per days for two days.

(updated in March 2015)

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