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Abbadia San Salvatore lies on the majestic mountain Monte Amiata. It dates back to approx. AD 700 and developed around a monastery bearing the same name. The monastery was founded by a Lombard king who experienced a miraculous vision whilst out hunting here.

During the centuries that followed, the monastery grew so much that it became more powerful than all the nearby towns and its territories stretched all the way to the coast. The power of the monastery decreased over time, but around it a whole town had flourished. In the 19th century mercury was found in the mountain. This turned out to be both a blessing as well as a curse, because although it created wealth, it created much suffering, as the miners died liked flies.

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Today the town has a special atmosphere - magical and mysterious. And there is so much to see here and in the surrounding area that we would say it is one of the overlooked treasures of Tuscany.

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