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Do you remember an active holiday in the countryside in the glorious Tuscany? You and your partner, or the whole family together at a romantic farmhouse surrounded by vineyards amid the rolling Tuscan countryside? Plenty of space to move on, fresh air and good opportunities to combine activities and relaxation. What can we say more, just to see the joy in the children's faces when they meet the farm animals or playing in the children's pool? Quiet and peaceful evenings with a sunset and a glass of red wine in the hand, perhaps the farm's own produce?

What is an agriturismo?

An agriturismo in Tuscany may contain several things. It can be a charming bed & breakfast with homemade Tuscan specialties on the restaurant's menu every day. Or it can be a spacious apartment on a farm, with restaurant and in some cases with your own kitchen where you can cook with the naturally produced ingredients you can find at your agriturismo.

An agriturismo, loosely translated means farm or farm holidays, is a growing phenomenon in Italy. Tuscany is one of the leading regions in this context with over 3000 agriturismo"s in all ranges. The phenomenon is growing as more and more people are discovering that the agriturismo is the perfect way to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle, while you get close to the Italian culture and get to know more about the rural life.
The definition of an agriturismo is that officially a certain level of food production on the spot is required.

The agriturismo is a wonderful way to explore Tuscany

When you spend your holiday in an agriturismo you generally live far from the big hotels and holiday complexes where you often meet more travellers than locals. At the same time you may well be relatively close to an exciting city. In Tuscany"s case for example Florence or Siena - or a series of charming medieval towns, where you can find both shops, cafés and attractions. Tuscany is like other regions of Italy, a manageable size, so your agriturismo will always be in a reasonable comfortable driving distance to the cities.

As you probably know, Tuscany is famous for its world-famous vineyards, its hilly green landscape, its forests, its mountains and its fascinating medieval and etruscan sights. Furthermore a variation of attractive, picturesque and unspoilt coastline. Here you can enjoy the beach life, eat fresh fish, swim and relax. On some of agriturismo"s in Tuscany, depending on the location, it is a good opportunity to combine the countryside with a day at the beach.

Taste of Tuscany's great wines

You will learn many Italian regions embody lush landscapes, varied agricultural plains and picturesque settings in the same degree as Tuscany. Thus, it is an obvious place for a wonderful holiday, an arch-Italian agriturismo where you can get close to the transformation of nature's riches to wine, olive oil or just delicious food. Next to that, the silence and comfortable setting make you relaxed when you are on vacation. Many of the agriturismo's in Tuscany have a swimming pool where you can chill out on a gloriously warm Tuscan summer day.

Tuscany is also known for the excellent wines produced in the region. Therefore, it is of course an obvious possibility that your agriturismo in Tuscany acts as an active vineyard. This way you can enjoy the tasteful drops in authentic surroundings.

An authentic and educational travel experience

When you select the agriturismo as a holiday, it is not the slightest risk that you will come home from your trip with a feeling that you had a great holiday at a super sunny, anonymous place anywhere in the world. By celebrating your holiday in an agriturismo in Tuscany, you are guaranteed to have the satisfying feeling of home in your suitcase, comfort and hospitality are keys to a true Tuscan experience.

In addition, to the sensually pleasure by consuming your freshly cooked dinner at the same place as it is produced, a farm holiday also increases your and your children's awareness of where our food comes from and the irreplaceable value of the land, the animals and nature has. Seeing the food and wine being prepared and how it is grown, and follow the everyday life of a Tuscan farm is an experience that will remain as a great memory. This combined with relaxation, sun and fun is all what your holiday should contain.

Three of our best agriturismo"er in Tuscany

With you decide to go with In-Italia you can spend the holiday at many different agriturismo"s in Tuscany. Which one is best, depends entirely on you and your needs. Below we describe three excellent typically Tuscan agriturismo"s, so you can get inspiration for your coming holiday.

Agriturismo Montalbino
In the small village Montalbino, which is beautifully set amid the Chianti hills, lies this soulful, organic farm. The farm has several animals and is known for the excellent olive oil that is produced on the site. Here you get close to the ground, food and animals, and you can relax at the two swimming pools when you need a swim in the afternoon. The farm"s restaurant is absolutely excellent, and here you can, among other things - have truffle in season - taste the white truffles, you have helped to find during the day. If you care about ecology, a rural setting and the real Tuscany, you get an unforgettable holiday at Agriturismo Montalbino.

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Agriturismo Le Querciole
This beautiful vineyard, located within walking distance to a charming, small spa town, is the perfect place for the whole family. The farm grows several crops that you can help with harvesting. Here are cute farm animals that kids will love: Rabbits, chickens and horses. The whole family can of course use Agriturismo Le Quercioles appealing swimming pool and children"s pool.

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Agriturismo Poggio Corbello
A lovely farm at the Lake by the fascinating medieval town of Massa Maritime . Sounds great? In that case, welcome to this south Tuscan agriturismo where both olive oil, wine is grown and the tasty Italian brandy grappa. The whole family can stay in a great apartment with terrace, enjoy the authentic food in the farm"s restaurant, which overlooks the beautiful lake Lago d"access. One of the specials, which can be recommended by Agriturismo Poggio Corbel is the farms wild boar and special, horned cattle from the Maremma . In the nearby medieval town of Massa Maritime you can, among other things, visit the beautiful 1200-century church of Saint Cerbonius Cathedral. It is built in the Romanesque and has sculptures of lions at the gate. Tuscany is filled with this type of architectural gems from the Middle Ages, just waiting to be explored.

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The above list is far from complete. We can only encourage you to explore all the options on our website, or call us if you have questions. We look forward helping you to arrange an agriturismo holiday in Tuscany, which is perfect for just you and your family.

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