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Tuscany is one of Italy's most loved destinations, with a great variation in both nature and culture. The region offers exciting experiences for young and old. From a Bed & Breakfast in Tuscany allows you to experience the hilly countryside, along the coast in the mountains, or explore the medieval villages.

Experience the real Tuscany

Of course you cannot visit and experience everything in Tuscany in just one holiday, but if you choose to stay at one of our handpicked Bed & Breakfasts, you will surely get to experience the local hospitable atmosphere of this charming Italian region. Characteristic for this type of holiday is a relaxed in-house atmosphere where the hosts make you feel at home.

When you are dreaming of a vacation in the countryside in a peaceful setting, it could be an idea
to browse through our selection of Bed & Breakfasts. We offer quite a few appealing old and very charming farmhouses in Tuscany, where the hosts have chosen to furnish some apartments in a part of the farm. Some of the sites are still in operation in the sense of active farming. For example the cultivation of vegetables, wine or olives.

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Bed & Breakfast in medieval towns

If you travel to Tuscany to immerse yourself in the region"s cultural and historical sights, generally a Bed & Breakfast in the country constitutes a good base for your day trips. The possibilities are almost endless. We generally recommend to choose and concentrate on excursions to the sights and attractions nearby, so you have enough time to enjoy it in depth.

Of course you can also choose to stay in or close to one of Tuscany"s beautiful medieval cities, if you prefer to leave the car and reach the sights on foot.
You are closer to the night life on the squares and where to enjoy the restaurants and shops. Your hosts will certainly like to give you recommendations for places and experiences that most tourists miss out.

In Tuscany"s capital, Florence , you can for example stay at a small cozy Bed & Breakfast in the historic centre close to the main attractions. It not only offers you the chance to explore the city at your own pace, but also to experience the atmosphere of the city in the early morning or late afternoon, when the day tourists are not there yet.

Or what about an intimate Bed & Breakfast in the historic city of Lucca where you can experience the incredible charm and Italian hospitality in an environment that reminds you of historic medieval times.

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In the hand picked selection of In-Italia you will find several holiday homes, including Bed & Breakfast, located on the border between town and country. Many travellers see this as an opportunity to get the best of both worlds: the proximity to the city"s sights and the possibility to retire the day in a peaceful environment of the countryside.

Whether you are looking for a Bed & Breakfast in the countryside with plenty of space and surroundings where the kids can go wild, or a small romantic place in the historic city centre, you can easily find it in the search engine at the top here.

Would you like to experience the real Tuscany, we also recommend you to look at our holiday accommodations in some of the lesser known cities, where life is less influenced by tourism. When you need help in finding the right Bed & Breakfast for you and your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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