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You will find nice sandy beaches in the cosy town of San Vincenzo only 9 kilometres away, as well as high quality restaurants offeriing authentic Tuscan cuisine.

See the ruins

Man has walked on the earth for the past 90,000 years, but the earliest traces originate from Etruscan times and can be glimpsed in particular by Forni Fusori in Madonna di Fucinaia, near the archaeological park Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro. The park was opened in 1996 and includes some of the most important monuments in the area; Rocca San Silvestro is an archaeological excavation, conducted by the University of Siena, and displays a city from the year 1000. If you are more interested in relaxation than ancient ruins, you can soak up nature below the town at a lake fed by a natural spring that has health properties.

Visit the historic centre

The historic centre of Campiglia Marittima with its origins dating back to the 1100's, has some fascinating monuments, including: Rocca from the 1200's, the parish church Pieve di San Giovanni and the famous bas-relief sculpture of Mele Agro in the church Chiesa di San Lorenzo. A public wine bar has recently been opened in the old palace Palazzo Pretorio from the 1200's, where you can find information and documentation regarding the regional wines.

Read more about Campiglia Marittima

City Festivals: Several festivals and events are organised between June to September. In October there is Sagra dell'Autunno which is a gastronomic, cultural and traditional event. You can also attend the event Natura & Cucina, which is also a gastronomic exhibition for wine, oil and local products which includes tastings.

There are weekly markets throughout the year held on Thursdays at Piazza Gallistru.

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