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The small town of Capolona is located along the River Arno and serves as the natural gateway to the serene and very beautiful Casentinodal.

A strategic location

The town is strategically located in relation to the surrounding valleys and has always played and continues to play a strong role economically and historically relative to the rest of the province. This wealth can be seen in the surroundings in the form of many castles, churches, bridges and other reputed structures.

A rich history

The town dates back to the Middle Ages. The old town is situated along the river and is connected to the opposite bank of an old bridge that is most probably of Roman origin and which has been repeatedly restored. It looks almost brand new after it was heavily damaged in 1944.

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Today's trades

Today Capolona has a modern industrial and handicraft centre that is rapidly developing, yet without losing the connection to their simple past and the folk traditions. More recently, tourism has ensured further growth in the city thanks to the many agriturismi in the area. Capolona itself is not particularly exciting, but you will find here all the necessary grocery stores and a few restaurants, pizzerias and bars.

Town Festivals: Several events are held during summer with entertainment in the form of music and culture, festivals, exhibitions, films in the open air theatre and of course concerts and religious festivals. The young and old all join in the fun together.

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