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No trip to Florence is complete without a trip to Fiesole, a small picturesque village 7 km northeast of the Tuscan capital, and about 300 metres higher.

It is possible to arrive here on foot from Florence if you follow the old road instead of the busy new road. It is a very charming route but somewhat tiring. So if you do not feel the need to burn of the extra calories then you can take the bus instead. The bus goes from the central station or the Piazza San Marco. Once in Fiesole, there are magnificent views of Florence and its buildings below. If you are in Florence and can no longer stand the noise and the pollution, then its a quick retreat back to Fiesole to enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet.

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But it is sad to think that in 1125 there was such competition between Fiesole and Florence. So much so that the Florentines found it necessary to attack it and knock it to the ground. Fortunately, the amphitheatre remained and is now used for concerts and plays. It is not quite the size of the Verona Arena or the Colosseum, but it can accommodate 2000 spectators which is always the case during the summer festival of Fiesole, Estate Fiesolana . This amphitheatre dates back to the first century BC, but there are also remains of a theatre from the Etruscan period.

But enough of history! Enjoy Fiesole simply to relax and drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at one of its outdoor cafes.

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