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A place which oozes of peace and quiet

We were a family of 6 adults (1 teenager of 16), who had apartment no. 3. It was big and spacious, and didn't miss anything, nice apartment considering the money we payed. There was a fantastic view, which we just could keep on looking at, a lovely peace and calm is dominating the place, great place to calm down. The pool was ok, some gravel and weed and a bit scratched, but works and is clean and ok, still fine for a cheap place. There were lots of garden recliners, and there were around 3 families while we stayed there, but problems, everybody were kind and helpful. Carsten came by several time and asked if everything as okay, and we could ask him anything, and tips for trips. There was a small villages and very nice with the church which sometimes made a sound. Unfortunately, there's a lot of flies, so remember a fly-swatter.??
The place is located very far up, away from a lot and 10 minutes drive to the nearest town. Make sure to buy groceries for several days at a time, so you don't have to drive out to get something. We ate down in Fivizzano several times, there's also a pizza place across the bus stations, which just is fantastic and cheap, and they are very nice, but we also cooked in the apartment. The place requires, that you have a car, or else you'll be lost.
The fact that you had to spend 1-2 hours in a car, if you wanted to see something, was really too bad, but when you're in Italy, you want to see the different attractions, but get up early, since it gets hot quickly, and there's a lot of traffic.
We drove to Lucca, an incredibly lovely and beautiful city, easy to find a parking spot and manageable just inside the old wall.
We also visited Lerici, where we could go bathing, we were next to the local Italians on the big rocks and sunbathe (since the beach charged a fee), it worked well an the water was great, there's a lovely sea front and marine, nice place.
We also drove to Pisa and Florence. Pisa is so nice, but everything costs, Florence is also nice, but very big and tough to walk around in when it's very hot. I think that Lucca is a better city than Florence, but it probably requires a bit of background knowledge on the history of the city (Florence).
We also visited the cave nearby, a guided tour and it was nice and exciting.
Right when we arrived to Cotto, we were a bit disappointed, we thought that it seemed very cheap, but as time went by, we were more and more satisfied with it. You can be left alone here, but next time I think we will stay more central by the water and by a town, so it's a bit easier to grocery shop, and go to and from places, especially when we are several people away together.

Fivizzano as a holiday destination

Ok shopping facilities, remember it's in the country and a small local tow, but it has both a butcher, bake and supermarket and pizzeria, so you can get anything you want.
There were a nice market Tuesday, and it was good.

La Vecchia Canonica di Cotto
Clean and tidy

So beautiful view, but is out in the country far from the town, but there is peace and quiet.
The actual accommodation at La Vecchia Canonica di Cotto
2 bedroom apartment - sleeps 6 (no. 3)

There'a a sofa bed, it works, but 2 better beds would have been preferable.
Facilities on site
Swimming pool (can be open in season only)

Ok for it's size.
Internet access / Wi-Fi

It worked okay considering it was in the country, they aren't used to better.

Information on the reviewer

Travel period July 2016
Number of travellers 5 adults, 1 child
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