Florence, Tuscany Medici Villas

Villa Poggio a Caiano Villa di Castello Villa La Petraia
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To each his villa

The villas were built during the period when Florence was paramount for the Renaissance culture as well as important historical, political and cultural events. The villas were beautiful and very elegant homes, rich in works of art such as Botticelli's "Spring", which was painted for the villa in Castello, northwest of Florence. Each member of the Medici family had its own home, and depending on the seasons, they moved from villa to villa in a search of a milder climate.

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A typical example

In general, the villas are large buildings where the façade stands out with few decorative elements and with large terraces that face the garden. The inside of the villa is decorated with murals in honor of the Medici family. A typical example of one of the Medici villas is Villa di Castello, who was Cosimo di Medici's mother's favorite villa. The villa was renovated and decorated by Cosimo himself, immediately after he took office as Grand Duke in 1537 in Florence. They worked on making the villa and garden even bigger than originally, and the garden is one of the most impressive and well preserved of its kind, with fountains and small natural caves with marble sculptures of various animals.

Valuable cultural heritage

All the Medici villas have retained their original features and are excellent examples of the Florentine architectural tradition, both during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. In 2006, the Medici villas were included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage worthy of preservation.


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