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Sant Ambrogio
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However, you must not believe that a "special price for you" means the pure giveaways for the city is also known for having a lot of tourists. And where there are tourists, there is usually also a vendor or two that have figured out to put a little extra on 'turist' prices! Times are still to 'haggle' a trading down in price as the competition here is tough. Then you'll find a leather bag that you simply MUST have, in Italian words; "quanta costa?" ( "what does it cost?") And "no, è trope caro" ( "no, it's too expensive") really good to know.
Several of the Florentine markets teeming with Italian produced quality products, both leather goods and food. It is not necessarily cheaper than in regular stores, but it is a very special experience to be part of the vibrant life that takes place here. The range of markets is huge, but we can particularly recommend San Lorenzo, Mercato Centrale and Sant 'Ambrogio.

San Lorenzo: The very large outdoor market in fact, the city's largest, is located in central Florence in the streets around the church of San Lorenzo, and is open from Tuesday to Saturday (both days incl.) From. 10:00 to 19:30. They sell everything you can think about, the souvenirs, sunglasses, clothing, shoes and more, but the market's biggest strength is all kinds of leather goods in good quality Italian.
The selling leather jackets, also have their 'real' shops behind the stalls, where you also have the option to explore. Before you turn to, you must know that there are plenty of shops with leather goods around the city, where you can also get really good quality at very reasonable prices, and often the staff here are less aggressive to sell you can experience it in the markets. If you decide anyway to invest in a leather jacket or bag at San Lorenzo, remember the Italian phrase: "no, è troppo caro", which may trigger an expensive purchase?

Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo: In the central San Lorenzo is also the city's largest indoor food market, namely the Mercato Centrale, which is open from Monday to Saturday (both days incl.) Between the hours. 7:00 and 14:00. The building is made of iron and glass in the period from 1870 to 1874, and they had to tear a whole neighbourhood down to create space for this fantastic work. The architect Giuseppe Mengoni, who incidentally is the same person that is behind the famous Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II in Milan, has achieved with the large glass surfaces, a sense of being outdoors when visiting the market.

On the ground floor you will find fish, meat, cheese, charcuterie, pasta and bread as well as bars, while fruit, vegetables and nuts are located on the first floor. It's a feast for the eye to enjoy the always appetizing and decorative presentation, and it's hard not to be tempted by all the fresh and colorful delights offered. Being hungry for big, you can still get a meal at the cafeteria like Nesbone that has been here on this ground floor since 1878. It is one of Florence's cheapest places to eat, and you should try their spelled soup, zuppa di ferro, or a sandwich with cooked meat , panino al lesso , and do not forget the house wine, which is available in both glass and decanter!

Weather permitting, it is particularly nice to buy food in the many appetising stalls and then take your picnic at one of Florence's many beautiful squares. And by stating this, we do like to remember you to bring a good knife and maybe a blanket, yes, it had to be optimal (and cheap) holiday lunch be in the house!

Sant 'Ambrogio: Want to experience a market that is not filled with (other) tourists, visit Sant' Ambrogio, situated in the Santa Croce Piazza Ciompi.

Here you will meet the local residents as well as local vendors with a loud voice, distinctly Tuscan dialect offering all kinds of food. Yes, actually it is like entering a mini-version of Mercato Centrale just more evocative, perhaps because it is less in size? You can buy everything from charcuterie to local harvested fruit and vegetables but also clothing, antiques and other more or less useful matters.

Here is a selection of restaurants, where you should try the Florentine specialty, trip (tripe). The market is open from Tuesday to Saturday (both days incl.) Yet. from 7:00 to 13:00.

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