Garfagnana, Tuscany Canyoning in Garfagnana

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Hiking, horseback riding, biking, skiing, golfing and canoeing are popular activities in the magnificent scenery, and are also among the most frequent types of outdoor activities in Garfagnana in northern Tuscany.

Try the forces of nature

But now daring and dauntless got another chance to try their hand at God's beautiful nature with Canyoning. It has nothing to do with canoes or canoeing as the name suggests Canyon . In Italian the sport is called sport Torrentismo and comes from the word for river / stream. The activity is integrated with the following activities, abseiling, climbing and sliding through streams wearing wetsuit and climbing equipment as an aid worker. It requires no extraordinary skills for climbing or the like, but you need to have courage and the desire ... to get wet.

A play in beautiful surroundings

In other words, you have the ability to play in exceptionally beautiful and natural surroundings. And the places people prefer to visit in Garfagnana, which is known worldwide, is Marmitte dei Giganti and Orrido Botri. This raises the issue of landscape phenomena, where it is often the streams in the valleys that are the architects of the unspeakable landforms as canyons, gorges and the so-called potholes.

For beginners

Garfagnana in other words gives an unforgettable experience for those who dare. For beginners Forra dell'Ania and Rio Selvano are both obvious places to start this canyoning adventure and you will bring along unforgettable memories of the natural slide spectacle.

Contact an organizer

Canoeing is not an individual sport, but takes place in groups, we recommend contacting an organizer on this site:

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