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very nice place in the mountains

We stayed 2 nights at Locanda Zacco on a 6-days trip to Tuscany. The hotel is well up in the mountains, and is a nice place with good rooms and an ok restaurant. The staff is really kind, and the male waiter spoke English very well, and was very informative on excursions, etc. The rooms are good and comfortable, and everything appeared nice and clean.

The breakfast wasn't anything special, but edible, but the coffee at breakfast was really bad. Ready-mixed Nescafé in a pot. Too bad. Their monster of a coffee maker was apparently only used when the restaurant was open. Then there was no problem with it.

There's opportunity for hikes in the area, and there are several exciting towns nearby. But be prepared on drives in the mountains and narrow roads. The roads are in good condition however. But watch out for the cyclists. The ride around in teams up here. And they ride fast , and can be difficult to spot at a distance.

Marliana as a holiday destination

Locanda Zacco
Clean and tidy

The staff was really kind and the male waiter spoke English really well, and came with great recommendations for excursions in the area.

Doesn't have the best view, despite the location in the mountains, but is located near beautiful areas.
The actual accommodation at Locanda Zacco
Double room Uscio (incl. breakfast)

The room was really great. Bad coffee at breakfast (ready-mixed Nescafé in a coffee pot).
Facilities on site

The best Bistecca alla Fiorentina i have ever tasted, but the rest of the food is a bit disappointing. Good, but a bit expensive wine menu.
Internet access / Wi-Fi

we used 4G and didn't test their wifi.

Information on the reviewer

Travel period August 2016
Number of travellers 2 adults
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