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Midway between Siena's two southern exit roads lies the tiny town of Murlo. City is perhaps too strong. There is a small fortress on a mountain, which houses a 1,400-century palace, while the city's other houses are not located within the city walls. The city was left from medieval Siena-bishop's residence. From here he ruled over a large area south of Siena.

Outside the city walls you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the South Tuscan landscapes. Through the gate when you enter the small fort you encounter, a medieval facade of stones with the palace in the middle, originally the Bishop's residence, later town hall for Murlo municipality and now Etruscan Museum.

We recommend

We recommended to use the city's lone eatery, where the outdoor terrace is located on the city wall, so you can dine with views of the countryside.

Etruscan genes

The most important thing at this intimate and charming little town is the Etrusker museum. The whole area here is filled with relics from Etruscan times. In fact, you find more Etruscan genes in Murlo municipality than anywhere else in Italy, claims at least municipality's own guidebook.

Interesting facts

Over the last 40-50 years they have found major archaeological sites, It has brought many interesting facts along displayed in Murlos small museum.

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Other things to do

If you do not want to spend a whole day here, you can combine the excursion with a visit to the nearby town of Buonconvento. Or a drive further east in the fascinating desert landscape that Siena's inhabitants call "Le Crete". Or you can take a stroll in the friendly small neighboring city of Vescovado di Murlo.

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