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Ortignano Raggiolo located in a small enclosed valley, where you do not encounter so many frequent travelers. The number has now grown little since the city was mentioned in the guide book Borghi più belli d'Italia (ie Italy's most beautiful villages) but it's not something that overturns the daily lives of the nearly 900 residents of the town.

Slow life ....

There are not many streets where you are allowed to drive your car in the city. The advantage of this is that you can stroll up and down the narrow streets, where you will probably find more corners where it is worthwhile to stop. Just to admire the old crafts, that in the old days was often considered to be art. The light wind song from the little birds and some inhabitants who call on their children or spouse is probably all you will hear in most of the city. We even found more beautiful details in stone and woodwork along the streets that was worth photographing. At the old stone house than and at the city's three churches that has won prices for Tuscany's most prized architectural work.

A slow holiday

As a guest of the city's albergo diffuso you have access to the pool area, located approximately 700 meters walk from the center and apartments. You can otherwise run the approximately 1.2 km paved road from the city to the pool area in a relatively short time if you prefer. At the pool there is also a kiosk where you can get a beer or a soda, and your kids an ice cream of course. There is room here for the children who will run and play on the lawn or climb up the trees. The city also has his little museum, which displays tools, exemplary images and films about how this forest product, which once was also used to make bread, collected, processed and used in the diet. You can easily book several excursions in the nearby Casentinodal or in central Tuscany or you can also choose to enjoy this green oasis here, where time slows down, people live somewhat slower ... and probably longer.

The best season for holidays in Ortignano Reggiolo

Here you live barely at 500 meters altitude in a rather green and cool area. It is quite rare that it gets too hot at night and the lush scenery with thick forests is perfect to enable children ato go for a walk in the day's hottest hours. Despite the pool closes in fall, this is probably the best time to come here for all those who are interested in good food. Yes, this season brings all the good ingredients from the forest, ie chestnuts and mushrooms, which can be served on countless style.
In spring, expect the greenest green color, the most joyful songs of the little birds that inhabit the valley and lots of flowers ... and the food is also interesting to taste, with berries, asparagus and a light cheese sandwich combined with the first vegetables that come from the garden. A real pleasure to experience. In winter there is often snow up here, which may have its charm during a hike in the cold with gloves on, or in front of the fireplace and a good view from the window. Therefore the best season depends on how to get here and on your needs and interests ... but there is certainly a time of year where you can also enjoy celebrating part of your holiday here.

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