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As you wander around the streets of Pisa, you will find that it's quite a relaxed city for its size, with a distinctive atmosphere, and having a large university means that it has a certain vibrancy about it also. The majority of the historic city centre is authentic and unspoilt there are many traces from the Roman times. Furthermore, it is just a few kilometres from the wide beaches at Versilia, so you can easily combine a trip to Pisa with days on the beach.

Easy to arrive and leave Pisa

These days, Pisa is a key Tuscan transport hub, with a harbour nearby, an airport practically in walking distance from the centre, a train station and motorways connecting with the rest of Tuscany nearby. Pisa’s airport is the biggest in Tuscany and it is easy to get from here to Pisa town centre and to Florence Central Station.

Pisa has a well-renowned university, one of the world’s top institutions for physics and maths, and a large military base. Many famous brains have studied at Pisa, including Galileo and Enrico Fermi.

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La Luminaria di San Ranieri - The festival in Pisa

The best time to visit Pisa has got to be when they have their annual festival to honour their patron saint, San Ranieri on 16th and 17th June. As a part of this festival, there is a huge battle for possession of Ponte di Mezzo (the town’s main bridge over the Arno), where residents of the northern part of Pisa fight rivals from the southern end. The whole town participates in the party, which has a medieval feel to it. All the residential districts make sure that their representatives are properly dressed in traditional costumes. In the evening on June 16, the whole town is lit by candles in an indescribable way, it just has to be experienced.

Find your holiday accommodation in Pisa

At In-Italia we offer holiday accommodation in Pisa centre, but also in the nearby Marina di Pisa, and not least in Lucca. You can search through our handpicked catalogue of apartments and hotels by using the search machine at the top of this page and see what appeals to you. Or you can contact us for free advice by emailing us, calling the number on the right of the page, or use the chat option on the left of the page. We are happy to help and with over 15 years of experience of travel in Italy, we have what it takes to ensure that you have a happy holiday.

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