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Pisa Amalfi
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The regatta

The regatta was first held in 1955 in Genoa and since then other cities also started to organise this. The event begins with a historical parade in costumes from the center and down to the quay, where all the boats are ready. There are a total of 400 boats called for "Galleon" and they are made up for 8 rowers and a driver. Each boat is painted in different colors and with different characters as decoration whatever the city they come from. The boat from Amalfi is dark blue and adorned with a winged horse, the Genoa boat is white with a dragon, Pisa's boat is dark red with an eagle and the boat from Venice is green with a lion. The people are all dressed in coloured costumes, each representing their city.

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Participants from the province and the region

Years ago the boats consisted entirely of athletes with residents of the four cities who had been living in the city at least for 10 years. In the year 2004, this rule was changed so that half of the rowers came from the province and the other half just from the region. The regatta extends over 2000 meters and the winner gets a trophy, which is replaced with prize money the year after.

Where and when?

The regatta takes place in Venice in 2015 in Amalfi in 2016, in Pisa in 2017, in Genoa in 2018.


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