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You are never completely finished with Tuscany, and year after year you can continue to discover new exciting sides of this fantastic region. But it’s amazing how few people know Pistoia and how few tourists visit the town.

With its location between Florence and Lucca, you would have thought that the town streets would be teeming with curious visitors, but this is never the case. And the funny thing is that Pistoia has more than its fair share of Tuscan history, wonderful buildings, art and atmosphere.

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The town’s historic centre is a treasure chest for anyone interested in the Middle Ages – the area around the ancient market is of particular interest. The market is bustling from morning to night, as it has been since time immemorial, and many of the shops have kept their characteristic medieval stone counter outside facing the road.

There are lots of restaurants and cafés where you can watch life pass you by and enjoy a glass or a bottle of good wine.

Every Wednesday and Saturday there are street markets in Pistoia.


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