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Nice house and pool, and beautiful surroundings.

We had a nice stay in Villa Irene for 16 people, 8 children and 8 adults. The rooms and baths were very good.
The kitchen, however, wasn't good enough for 20 persons as you promised in your presentation. There were not enough wine-glasses, just 16 milkglasses and 16 knives. The gas-equipment for cooking was ok, but running up to the second floor to the stove for making dinner-meals during the week isn't good enough. The stove had only one shaky grill that didn't fit in the track and twice fell down in the stove-bottom.
The worst, however, is that the dish-washer-machine didn't heat, but washed in cold water. Therfore it didn't dry the glasses and dishes in the end. We had to rewash by hand. Luckily none of us got sick. It could spoiled the whole holiday. The trays are also difficult to pull out and push in with dishes in.The dish-washer is needed to be changed!
We have mentioned all this to the local manager.
If the details mentioned above will be fixed, we would like to, come back and recommand Villa Irene to our friends.


Magne Utle

Villa Irene
Clean and tidy
The actual accommodation at Villa Irene
Villa, 10 bedrooms - sleeps 20
Facilities on site
Internet access / Wi-Fi
Swimming pool (can be open in season only)

Information on the reviewer

Travel period June 2016
Number of travellers 8 adults, 8 children
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