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Radda in Chianti is a tiny town with a typical Tuscan medieval town plan (oblong elliptic), perched on a hilltop, which serves as a natural boundary between the Pesa and Arbia valleys. At 533 metres above sea level, this town is so picturesque that they can’t keep the tourists away. Everyone comes here to admire the stunning views across the vineyards and enjoy the marvellous food and drink. 

For a long time the town belonged to the aristocratic Guidi family, who had to concede it to the Province of Florence in 1203. It was thoroughly fortified around 1400, and you can still see parts of the fortress. In 1415, it became the capital of Lega del Chianti, a political and administrative amalgamation of Chianti’s three most important regions: Radda, Gaiole and Castellina. Even back then they used the symbol of the black rooster - 'Il Gallo Nero' as a symbol of the unity of the region. Now this symbol is commonly used on the wines of this region to demonstrate that it originates from central Chianti.

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Today Radda in Chianti has approximately 1700 inhabitants so it is still relatively small and cosy. In the centre you can find a pedestrian area with shops, restaurants, a small supermarket and a tourist information centre. There is a larger supermarket on the outskirts of town.

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