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Have you ever dreamed about going on a tour of Tuscany by car, where only your finances and your holiday"s length sets the limits? Then bear with us here and get a few good tips for a round trip in the beautiful region, each year chosen again among one of the most popular destinations in Italy.
Remember you are always welcome to contact us for a proposal or advise, to tailer the tour that meets your complete requirements. Click the link below and get a taste of the hotels and holiday homes we offer in Tuscany, all of these can be booked on your tour.

Inspiration for your holiday in Tuscany

Freedom on your trip around Tuscany

A round tour by car in Tuscany gives you complete freedom and flexibility to plan what ever you like to watch, when and by what route you want to drive. You are not dependent on public transport or coach that keeps you waiting. You can decide your pace of your own holiday. 


Planning the route and reserve hotels in peak season 

Although the freedom and flexibility are a major and important part of a round trip, it's a good idea to plan some of the things you want to see on your tour of Tuscany from home.Some even plan the entire round trip, so you know in advance where the journey should go and of course, especially the hotels you are staying in. It could be part of the pre fun experience to book your complete tour in advance. Additional, you should keep in mind that especially in the summer can be difficult to find the right accommodation at the right price, if you have not pre-booked it.


Check local traffic rules, road networks, emergency numbers etc.

It is of course also a little easier to get around if you pre investigate how the local traffic rules in Tuscany, eg. speed limits, use of headlights, rules at roundabouts etc functions. And a little know how about the operation of Tuscan petrol stations and how the local road network is put together, for example. the main highways (autostrade) and main roads (strade statale / regional in Tuscany.

Of course it is also important that you know the local emergency numbers in Tuscany (for police, ambulance and fire brigade), should there be a problem with the car while you are away, or worse, in case you should be so unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

Take a driving break 

When you are busy establishing a route and a program with what you like to see on a daily basis, it's a good idea, at the same time,  to book some days off on your visual tour, where you either do not have a program or where you completely leave the car and doing other things than driving around. It is often the case that people, especially on a little longer round trips, get to a fatigue point after a few days, where you just want to relax and not have to follow a program or sit behind the wheel of a car.

Choose the right airports

You can fly to several airports when you would like to have your holiday in Tuscany. Pisa, Bolonga, Florence and Milan airport, all offering direct air routes from airports in from Northern Europe. However, distances are large and it is worth remembering that you often use minor roads in a hilly area so you have to calculate a bit longer to get from A to B.

A good tip is to use different airports when planning a tour and it's easy where today at most airlines you can buy single tickets. I often traveled out to Pisa Airport and flew back to the North from Rome airport when I've been on tour in Tuscany, thereby saving me some driving back and forth.


Check insurances

Whether you go by car to Tuscany from your home country or rent a car upon arrival in Tuscany, it is important that you pre complete track of what your insurance covers and what it does not cover. It obviously can quickly become an expensive experience if an accident occurs and you are not covered by adequate insurance, especially when you are far from home.

Discover more regions

Tuscany"s central location means that it is easy to combine your visit with two or more regions. Consider concluding the round trip with a few days city break in Rome, or enjoy the beautiful countryside of Umbria also known as Italy"s green heart. You can also easily take a side trip to Cinque Terre, just a few hours drive north of Pisa.

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Car rental in Tuscany

Fly to Tuscany and rent a car, so you can take advantage of the good prices and conditions as In-Italia has negotiated for all our guests who book car rental in Tuscany, whether you are on a tour or stay at the same hotel or holiday throughout your holiday. Your car always includes statutory insurance, unlimited mileage and as a courtesy no deductible amount when you rent a car through Maggiore Rent Car.

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