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If this is what you look for, stop here and don't look any further. In-Italia, made this selection for you already. From Liguria in the North to Sicily in the South, we offer a large selection of villas near the sea in a variety of sizes. Below you will find suggestions for villas, which are almost located at the seashore or at most a few kilometres inland, so that you can quickly get to the beach. In some regions, as Tuscany, it can be an advantage to stay at a distance from the coast, where the landscape is more classic


Recommendations for you

La Casina

Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany

La Cecinella

Cecina Mare, Tuscany

Other popular choices in Piedmont

Casale Mattei

Corneliano d'Alba

Ristoro del Cavaliere

Piazza al Serchio

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