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We at In-Italia work with the philosophy that everyone deserves to experience the authentic Italy - an Italy which all of us here in the office hold so dear. As a customer of In-Italia, you will receive complete guidance and advice from a team of highly trained travel consultants with years of experience of Italian travel, knowledge of the culture, places and possibilities. Here you can read a brief description of the travel consultants who are ready to answer your enquiries about holidays in Italy.


In-Italia also consists of a team of people who work continuously on our website to ensure its smooth running and an easy trouble free experience for our visitors.

Filippo Filippeschi

Filippo is Italian and lived in Denmark between 1990 to 2002, and is the founder of In-Italia with Peter Lolle. Filippo was born and raised in Tuscany and has worked in the tourism industry in both Italy and Denmark. Today he leads our sister company in Sicily, where he has lived since 2002. Filippo has criss-crossed Italy extensively, and deals primarily with clients who want a taste of charming southern Italy, with which he is so in love.