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About In-Italia

Why book your holiday with In-Italia?

Besides claiming to know Italy better than the Italians themselves, we are the obvious choice when you are thinking of travelling to Italy because you get ...

1. Expertise on Italy

For no extra cost, you can tap into our wealth of knowledge and experience on travel in Italy. All of our staff have travelled extensively in Italy, some have lived there and some still live there. We frequently visit the accommodation that we sell, and the towns and cities around them to make sure that we offer you, the customer the most accurate and useful information. Ask us anything about travel in Italy before you book.

2. A high level of service and support before, during and after your holiday

You can contact our dedicated team of travel specialists who are ready to answer any questions and advise you on the best locations and choice of accommodation according to your needs and tastes. You can send us a chat request online, and even ask us to call you back. We are not just a booking agent therefore, we offer a full range of service and support both before, during and after your holiday. Furthermore, whilst you are in Italy, you can contact us anytime and we all speak Italian.

3. A wide selection of accommodation and locations

We offer more than just a place to stay whilst on holiday in Italy. We focus on finding authentic and new destinations to which offer unique Italian charm and hospitality. You can choose from our carefully handpicked collection of accommodation and benefit from our 15 years of experience as travel specialists in Italy. The selection is broad and ranges from cosy B & B’s to farm holidays, quaint vineyards, city hotels to independent villas.

4. Informative and honest website

We pride ourselves on our informative website with honest, trustworthy and detailed descriptions and reviews written by our customers, including both praise and criticism. Most of our descriptions are written by our own staff, after we have visited the sites in person to check the standards, details and surroundings. Finally, we offer a straight forward booking system that makes the booking procedure easy.