Customer service

When you book

How to book

In order to book your holiday accommodation with In-Italia, you need to take the following steps:

When you have found what you are looking for, click the ”booking” button which you will find underneath the prices. Fill in the form with the dates and desired room type, etc. It is also possible to leave a comment for us at the very end with questions or special requests for example concerning an extra bed for a child.

  1. Next step is to leave us you personal data - please fill in all the necessary information so that we can proceed with your booking and get back to you. See our paragraph on Privacy policy.

  2. Now you can check all the details of your booking before you send it to us. Please check that all the information is correct.

  3. You will receive an instant confirmation of you booking, which you can print or email to your personal address. If you loose it, you are welcome to contact us via mail or telephone and we will send you a copy.

  4. Once we have received your booking, we will make a request to our Italian collaborator. If your chosen holiday accommodation is available, we will email you with a confirmation email and a request for the payment of the deposit which amounts to 20% of the total cost of the accommodation, to be paid within 7 days of the confirmation. Once the deposit of 20% is paid, we will then issue you with a holiday voucher and driving instructions and an invoice. It is our goal to handle all bookings within the first 48 hours after we have received them. If the desired holiday home is not available in the period of your choice, we will let you know as quickly as possible and email you with alternatives.

  5. We offer a safe and secure online payment, where you can pay with the most common credit cards. You can also choose to make a bank wire transfer. Using your credit card online you will be charged the following fees: Dankort or VISA-Dankort 0,1% + DKK 1,45, Visa or Mastercard: 1,15% and Diners Club: 3,75%.

If you are not ready to make a booking, but are interested to know more about accommodation, then you are more than welcome to make an inquiry. It is our goal to handle all inqueries within the first 48 hours.