Customer service

Sales conditions


Booking a holiday with In-Italia can be done in writing by sending an inquiry, by using the online booking form or by telephone. The booking, and thereby the information and conditions published on, are binding for both the holiday accommodation agency and the customer, once the booking confirmation has been sent to the customer and the holiday voucher has been issued.

By booking, the customer confirms acceptance of the conditions of the holiday and sales terms as described in writing and/or as published on the website. At the time of booking, customers must submit their name, address, telephone number, number of travellers and if possible an e-mail address. Furthermore at the time of booking, the customer is obliged to inform the holiday accommodation agency if there are any personal circumstances concerning them or other travellers (e.g. physical or mental disabilities, allergies, etc), that should be considered during their stay. If the customer wishes to bring pets, this must be communicated at the time of booking. Pets are only allowed in certain hotels/accommodation and each structure has its own rules regarding pets. In these cases, each pet must be listed in the booking, and the details will be confirmed in the booking voucher. 

Special requests

If separate agreements are made between In-Italia and the customer, which deviate from the stated conditions on the website, these are only valid if they are stated on the holiday voucher or can be clearly documented in another way.

Price of the stay

The price includes all the services indicated in our program or in the booking agreement, and the mandatory taxes and fees, etc. Please note that a possible tourist tax must be paid directly to the holiday home and/or hotel.

The deposit is 20% of the total price of the booking, although we ask a minimum of 100 euro. The deposit must be paid 3 bank days following the reservation date, and following the customers receipt of our confirmation email, with payment details.  The remaining amount is required to be paid by 45 days before the start of 1st day of the booking. If the date that the booking is confirmed is less than 45 days away, then payment in full must be made as soon as the booking is confirmed by us.

The price of the stay covers, where nothing else is stated, exclusively accommodation in the hotel room/apartment /villa as selected and any board as described on the website. Information about passport requirements, visas or vaccinations can be obtained from the holiday accommodation agency where the trip has been bought, or from the destination country’s Embassy or consulate.
Foreign citizens are recommended to contact their Embassy to obtain information about specific requests to citizens of their respective States. The holiday accommodation agency In-Italia can under no circumstances be held responsible for any costs concerning the lack of a visa or vaccinations, where required. Expenses for passports, visas, vaccinations insurance, etc are not included in the price, and the responsibility for these rests with the customer.

Additional hotel facilities, like tennis court and wellness facilities for example, are not normally included in the price of the stay, and the same applies for renting of beach chairs, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Special rules apply for discounts (child discounts, group discounts, extra bed discounts etc.). The rules appear on the price list or can be obtained from the holiday accommodation agency on demand.


Payment of the accommodation with deduction of any previously paid deposit, must be in the hands of the holiday accommodation agency by six weeks before the start of the booking. Payment later than the emphasised date of payment entitles the holiday accommodation agency to cancel the booking with no deposit refund.

If the trip is booked less than 45 days before the start of the stay, the booking is binding when In-Italia confirms the booking by email, by post or by telephone at the latest 48 hours after the booking was made. In this instance payment times are decided by the holiday accommodation agency. Cancellation of the booking in the 6 weeks before departure does not alter the fact that the holiday accommodation agency has a right to demand payment for the entire cost of the stay.

The price of the stay is calculated based on the applicable tariffs, prices, taxes and currency exchange rates. The holiday accommodation agency therefore retains the right to increase prices before the time of departure should changes in taxes, duties, fees or currency exchanges used to calculate the price of the stay make this necessary.

If the price is increased by more than 10%, the customer is entitled to cancel the booking and receive a full refund of the amount paid. There is a condition that the cancellation is reported to the holiday accommodation agency immediately after the customer has been informed of the price increase. If taxes, fees etc. which are charged directly to the holiday accommodation agency and which make up the price of the stay, are reduced or discontinued with effect from before the start of the stay, the holiday accommodation agency is obliged to reimburse the customer for the amount saved, if it is more than 15 Euro.

The customer must be informed of any price changes as soon as possible and at the latest 20 days before the start of the stay. This should be done in writing to the customer on booking or later to the address provided by the traveller.